The Chinese are probably not the most suttlest of People when it comes to ripping off famous or well know products but this time they taken the "Micky" out of the big Apple brand.

Chinese companies have long been known for being master fakers but this takes the concept of free commerce and copying to a whole new level. As expected, everything, from the architecture of the building, to the products, the T-shirt worn by the staff down to the logo and the badge design come from Apple.

A website named BirdAbroad has photos of what looks like an Apple store but was in reality is  a completely genuine rip off.

She did see some uncommon features like the fact that the signage reads Apple Store (or even Stoer), the nameless staff badges, the poorly made signature spiral staircase, the walls that hadn't been properly painted and so on.

The author did not mention whether the store was actually selling real products (either from the grey market or those which fell from the back of lorries) or so called KIRF (Keep It Real Fake) products like the iPhone 4 (some with a normal SIM and running Android).

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