BackStab, a new title from Gameloft, is wowing fans with incredible 3D graphics.  Does the rest of the game stack up to its visual power? The backstory to BackStab does.  Set in the 18th century, the player takes on the role of Henry Blake, a man with nothing to live for but vengeance.  Blake serves as a dark hero, rogue killer, and all-around-badass.  He’s lost his fiancée and his life as he knew it, and he’s got nothing else to lose.  Which means, of course, that this game is about to get gory. While Blake is mayhem on the loose, however, there’s more to the game than just slaughtering everything.  He’s a man on a mission, and getting to the final target is the key.  There are also numerous side quests to supplement the main campaign, which gives the player more game time and more bang for his buck. BackStab takes place in a free-roaming 3D environment, and the beauty of the visuals can’t be overstressed.  Nor can the intensity of the combat.  As the name suggests, BackStab is extremely bloody, so if you like your video game violence to be minimal, take a pass.

The controls are not easy to master, but in a serious game with combo-based combat, there’s always going to be a learning curve.  What makes these controls work so well is the ability to customize their layout.  On screen buttons can be irritating, but BackStab bypasses that irritation by letting players find their own absolutely perfect set up.  Once you’ve got the layout just right, perfecting combat skills comes naturally—because there’s so much practice.

It’s difficult to decide what the game’s best features are, because BackStab offers such unprecedented quality in mobile gaming.  You might expect this on a console, but having it presented on iPhone is incredible.  The haunting story, the beautiful setting, and the elegantly designed controls all contribute to a fantastic gaming experience.  It could be a little more challenging for the experienced gamer, perhaps, and BackStab’s combo-based combat might be a little tough at first for the casual gamer.  But for the serious gamer, it’s a breath of fresh air on iPhone and for casual game fans, it’s a chance to experience gaming with more depth in a game that isn’t going to be impossible to beat.

The graphics are stunning, from the action, to movement, to cut scenes.  You really have to see it in action to appreciate how impressive it is on the Retina display.  The island, which contains many varied and exotic environments, is free-roaming, and that’s a pleasure after being fettered in most mobile games.  Voice acting is a beautifully and realistically integrated element, another major plus when the App Store seems dominated by amateurs.

At $6.99, this game has found a perfect price point.  It’s a great price for a game with this much wow-factor, and it’s low enough to make the game enticing for those who aren’t sure about action-adventure titles.

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  1. Itz really a great game

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