Smartphones are responsible for 65% of global mobile traffic, despite only accounting for 13% of phones, according to an Informa report. Average traffic per user (ATPU) will increase by 700 percent over the next five years, as consumers continue to use the internet and smartphone figures rise, the firm said. Smartphone ATPU in the UK is forecast to reach 776Mb per month by 2015.

ATPU per smartphone currently averages 85Mb per month, said the company, with the iPhone –generating the most traffic followed by Android devices.

Informa said the highest smartphone traffic will continue to come from South Korea and Japan with respective values of 271MB per month and 199MB per month expected this year, between two and three times higher than the global average.

The iPhone will continue to lead the smartphone traffic with an estimated value of 196MB per month this year, Informa said. Android ATPU is currently at 148MB per month and likely to exceed 757MB per month by 2015


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