X2 Snowboarding is a fast-paced extreme sports simulation, combining console quality graphics & physics with arcade style game play. Players compete in a series of freestyle, race & trick-race events across an international stage.


  • Fluid motion and touch controls
  • Optimal graphics & unique visual style
  • Bluetooth & local WiFi multiplayer
  • Full motion-captured player animations
  • In-game rewind: re-wind and re-play during your run to retry missed opportunities
  • Adrenaline: slow down time and enhance your handling and trick performance capabilities
  • Replay save system
  • Tru Thoughts Recordings licensed soundtrack: featuring Quantic, Bonobo & Mr Scruff
  • Official Salomon in-game boards unlocked as you progress

Name: X2 Snowboarding |  Download from:  App Store |  Price: Free version - Full version 5$

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