Just wanted to let you guys know that we have updated our mobile version of the blog and some improvements have been made, so the plugin should be able to detect your iPhone when you enter dailyiphoneblog.com and redirect you to the mobile version. I also added the posts thumbnail to the post instead of the date when post was published. Looks much better now eh? 😉

How to deactivate the mobile version:

When you enter the site for the first time using your iPhone / iPod Touch you will enter the mobile version, but if you still want to view the full version you can deactivate this at the bottom page.

The mobile version also supports the following user agents:

android, aspen, blackberry9500, blackberry9530, cupcake, dream, incognito, iphone, ipod, opera mini, webmate and webos.

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8 Responses to “Daily iPhone Blog – Mobile Version”
  1. i love it!

  2. dani2xll says:

    Great. Love the new look.

  3. I does not seems to be able to use the zoom in zoom out on the mobile version, am I missing something?
    It is hard to read without the zoom

  4. Tina, there is a solution for it, its calld glases.. 😉

  5. Phat^Trance says:

    Tina –> the mobile version screen is fit to the iphone screen (320×480). thats why you cannot use the zoom mode, cause there isnt anything to zoom 🙂

  6. Liking it liking it liking it. Images brilliant. Where did you get the idea from. 😉

  7. Yes nigggggg…..!!!!

  8. Great post.love the new look

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