The V-MODA Remit Remote is a new set of headphones for iPhone 3GS users.  V-MODA are marketers of high-end headphones for audiophiles.  The drivers used in the V-MODA are optimised for bass and clarity.  The headphones consist of a remote control for track and volume and is available at Apple retail stores for $99.

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2 Responses to “iPhone Accessory – V-MODA Headphones”
  1. I have had a pair of these headphones for a year and love them. Not to long ago, they had broken at the mic and the right ear bud had stopped working.

    I had sent them in and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Two days after shipping my package arrived at their offices and they immediately sent me a new pair.

    I admire the speed of turn around and the customer service I received. With this, I will continue to be loyal to this company as they do value their customers.

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