With the Data Blocker app you can disable GPRS/EDGE/3G internet connection on your iPhone the same way SBSettings Data Toggle do, but stays "disabled" when you reboot your iPhone. Kills data without battery drain.

Installing this kills your data. It stays killed until you uninstall the app. If you need to use data again, either install sbsettings data toggle to toggle it, or uninstall this package. If you enable data in sbsettings with this app installed, rebooting will cause your data to be disabled again. The data is blocked when installed and unblocked when removed.

Installing this package will NOT create an icon on your homescreen, there is no icon.

Name: Data Blocker |  Download from:  Cydia, via bigboss |  Price: Free

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2 Responses to “iPhone app: Data Blocker – Disable GPRS / EDGE / 3G”
  1. Does this also disable wifi and location services?I’ve noticed that disabling “phone” (airplane mode) also disables location (gps) stuff too. Even though “location” is still shown as turned on, navigon will not work until you turn airplane mode off (or just turn “phone” back on in sbsettings).

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