iBlueNova, an application that allows the transfer of files via Bluetooth to any device, was released yesterday. iBlueNova is for iPhone OS 3.x devices only. If you have an iPhone running OS 2.x you can use iBluetooth.

Name: iBlueNova |  Download from:  Cydia |  Price: Free trial - 6$ to buy

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3 Responses to “iBlueNova – Transfer files via Bluetooth to any device”
  1. John Roberts says:

    why dont apple release apps like this on the app store i cant understand why the iphone cant send files over bluetooth

  2. Phat^Trance says:

    the question is why doesnt apple include app like this in the firmware???

  3. Because then you will share music and apps illegally;) Tried this app and it works but how can I get the music bluetoothed to me into my itunes?

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