Insomnia is an iPhone native application that, when enabled, will prevent the iPhone from sleeping, thus overriding its default behaviour. This allows background applications to continue to run and WiFi to work long after the screen has been switched off (The iPhone's default behaviour is to sleep 30 seconds after the screen has gone off, when not docked and charging that is).

Insomnia is useful if you are running a logging application that you would want to keep working while your phone is locked and the display is off. If you are using an IM or IRC client that you wish to stay connected to receive messages while the screen is off.

I've tried it on both EDGE and WiFi and it works great. It never logged me out of MobileChat (I'm using AIM) while my iPhone is in sleep mode! The developer states that it should be in Installer soon for those who doesn't want to manually install.

Name: Insomnia  |  Download from:  Cydia, via bigboss repo |  Price: Free

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  1. Is this a good idea though?

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